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WELCOME to PhiPsiZeta.Org, home of the Alumni, Undergraduates, and Friends of the Phi-Psi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.
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Brett ZavadilPhi-Psi 7435/19
David PerryPhi-Psi 1245/19
Matthew SeydelPhi-Psi 3645/19
Gregory LongPhi-Psi 1125/19
Brandon StewartPhi-Psi 3065/20
Charles StrebPhi-Psi 665/21
John Jack CochranPhi-Psi 7045/21
Logan GriesemerPhi-Psi 6985/21
Kevin AdkinsPhi-Psi 6685/21
Joshua StockstillPhi-Psi 5175/22
James UnderhillPhi-Psi 6245/23
Christopher GreufePhi-Psi 3575/23
Marcel HelmichPhi-Psi 295/23
Fredric ShafferPhi-Psi 3215/23
Jonathan HoldenPhi-Psi 6375/23
David FlatjordPhi-Psi 415/24
Richard RileyPhi-Psi 3225/24
Tyler BehymerPhi-Psi 7705/24
James DixsonPhi-Psi 2155/25
Gregory SheltonPhi-Psi 4845/25
Mathew YanceyPhi-Psi 7505/25
Timothy DeidrickPhi-Psi 1575/25
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