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The Undergraduate Chapter
Welcome to the Undergraduate Chapter's homepage. This section of the site is dedicated to facilitating interaction among undergraduate members.

Note: Certain information on this site is available only to members, so login to for the complete access to available resources.

Committee Notes and Meeting Minutes
Committee Name Last Updated
High Alpha Committee ---
High Beta Committee ---
High Theta Committee ---
High Tau Committee ---
High Gamma Committee ---
High Iota Committee ---
High Kappa Committee ---
High Delta Committee ---
High Phi Committee ---
High Sigma Committee ---
High Epsilon Committee ---
High Rho Committee ---
Fundraising Committee ---
Special Events Committee ---
Public Relations Committee ---
Awards Committee ---
Intramurals Committee ---
House Manager Committee ---
Executive Committee ---

Current Officers: (click name to contact)

High Alpha
Position Open

High Beta
Position Open
(Vice-President, Internal)

High Theta
Position Open
(Vice-President, External)

High Tau
Position Open

High Gamma
Position Open

High Iota
Position Open
(Risk Manager)

High Kappa
Position Open
(Fraternity Educator)

High Delta
Position Open
(Rush Chair)

High Phi
Position Open

High Sigma
Position Open
(Scholastics Chair)

High Epsilon
Position Open
(Social Chair)

High Rho
Position Open
(Alumni Relations)

High Pi
Position Open
(Alumni Advisor)

House Manager
Position Open

Faculty Advisor
Position Open

Fundraising Chair
Position Open

Intramurals Chair
Position Open

Special Events
Position Open

Public Relations
Position Open

Awards Chairman
Position Open

Chapter Historian
Position Open

Executive Committee
Position Open

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