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Charter Members
030 - Eric Howell
041 - David Flatjord
075 - Kent Donaldson
079 - James Bell
172 - Robert Keller
181 - Christopher Cannon
197 - Russel Neale
198 - Kevin Poortinga
200 - Eric Rotert
268 - Jeremy Livingston
271 - Travis McCubbin
276 - Scott Shipers
287 - Matthew Welge
304 - John Ahlers
305 - Brian Cockrill
308 - Matthew Braun
313 - Thomas Drabelle
317 - Steven Wood
324 - Bryan Daniels
325 - Chris Schulte
329 - David Kuschel
330 - Tysen Petre
332 - Daniel Eckert
333 - Tyler Schmitt
336 - Thaddeus Baker
340 - Joshua Little
344 - Timothy Russo
347 - Daniel Dolan
353 - Thaddeus Woosley
356 - Joshua Sherman
357 - Christopher Greufe
360 - Paul Fagyal
361 - Christopher Hurst
362 - Conor Pitkin
366 - David Pagano
371 - Russell Bray
373 - Ryan Myers
377 - Bradley Wilson
379 - Thomas Huse
380 - Paul Pagano
382 - Jacob Pfeuffer
386 - Daniel Rueth
389 - Ryan Brueckmann

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Phi-Psi Wall
041 - David Flatjord
075 - Kent Donaldson
079 - James Bell
102 - Craig Dooley
171 - Daniel Schoeneka...
182 - Shawn Spindel
211 - Nathan Bell
245 - Kyle Cope
247 - Mark Willard
254 - John Vieth
267 - Brian Koenen
272 - Bryan Nicholson
276 - Scott Shipers
297 - Christopher Wied...
308 - Matthew Braun
339 - Scott Sifferd
353 - Thaddeus Woosley
357 - Christopher Greu...
463 - Thomas Moody
478 - Lucas Brass
479 - Jeffrey Kitsmill...
572 - Daniel Hartmann

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Founded in the Spring of 1998, the Phi-Psi Zeta Purple, Green, and Gold is an Annual Fund dedicated, currently, to the construction of a new Chapter House for the Phi-Psi Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha at Truman State University.

As part of an initial ten year plan, Purple, Green, and Gold is focused on raising the necessary funds to provide appropriate facilities to meet the academic, social, and residential needs of the undergraduates in our chapter.

Through a bi-annual giving season, Purple, Green, and Gold enourages active participation of our alumni members as regular donors to this exciting cause.

Due to the extraordinary support of friends and family of our chapter, a sister campaign -- the Friends of Lambda Chi Alpha -- was launched in the Spring of 1999. Sharing many similarities with Purple, Green, and Gold, the Friends of Lambda Chi Alpha encourages participation in the chapter, and our fundraising goals by parents, family, friends, and members from other chapters of our fine fraternity.

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Gold Club
James Bell
Lucas Brass
David Flatjord
Brian Koenen
Kenneth Meder
Andrew Mullen
Matthew Welge

Green Club
James Bell
Lucas Brass
Matthew Braun
Kent Donaldson
Craig Dooley
David Flatjord
Andrew Gensler
Brian Koenen
Kenneth Meder
Andrew Mullen
Kevin Poortinga
Scott Shipers
Matthew Welge
Steven Wood

Purple Club
John Ahlers
Thaddeus Baker
James Bell
Nathan Bell
Steven Bell
Kevin Bley
Thomas Bloomfield
Lucas Brass
Matthew Braun
Russell Bray
Ryan Brueckmann
Christopher Cannon
Kevin Clohessy
Brian Cockrill
Kyle Cope
Russell Cross
Bryan Daniels
Daniel Dolan
Kent Donaldson
Craig Dooley
Thomas Drabelle
Peter Eatherton
Daniel Eckert
Paul Fagyal
Joseph Farley
David Flatjord
Andrew Gensler
Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gorton
Christopher Greufe
Kevin Hall
Eric Harper
Daniel Hartmann
James Heidenreich
Andrew Hodges
Eric Howell
Christopher Hurst
Thomas Huse
Robert Keller
Jeffrey Kitsmiller
Brian Koenen
David Kuschel
Dennis Lehenbauer
Joshua Little
Jeremy Livingston
Travis McCubbin
Ryan McCune
Kenneth Meder
Thomas Moody
Andrew Mullen
Ryan Myers
Russel Neale
Bryan Nicholson
Dax Nieders
David Pagano
Paul Pagano
Tysen Petre
Jacob Pfeuffer
Conor Pitkin
Kevin Poortinga
Thomas Reid
Robin Roberts
Eric Rotert
Daniel Rueth
Timothy Russo
Michael Schlehuber
Tyler Schmitt
Daniel Schoenekase
Chris Schulte
Joshua Sherman
Scott Shipers
Scott Sifferd
Randolph Sloup
Daniel Snyder
Shawn Spindel
Gregory Stolzer
Kevin Tulipana
John Vieth
Douglas Villhard
Matthew Welge
Ryan White
Christopher Wiedmeyer
Keith Wilcox
Mark Willard
Bradley Wilson
Steven Wood
Thaddeus Woosley